Tetris anyone?

Identity. 2016
European Design Awards. 2016

Romlab is an architectural and interior design studio in Oslo led by three energetic women. We were asked to create an identity that is both friendly and dynamic, and redefine their website.

The identity was built upon the name Romlab (room + laboratory) and resonates with their philosophy of construction and space experience.

Fig 1.

Being an architect is a lot like playing Tetris. The building blocks, the stacking, the 8-bit soundtrack, the sense of achievement on completing a new level. So, it is about time someone made that connection explicitly clear, as we did with the identity for architecture practice Romlab.

The logotype derives from the experiment with the two components “rom” and “lab”. We kept the most intriguing and legible composition as a logotype, and used the other shapes as a foundation for the identity.

The identity uses modular elements shaped like Tetris pieces to create an adaptable system that is animated for online applications. Throughout the identity we chose to use two typefaces for body copy, the grotesk font Berthold Akzidenx and another sans serif, Apercu Mono. Different monochrome icons are used throughout to denote various ideas central to Roman, such as an eye to demonstrate “point of view.”

While the branding is largely monochrome, there are a number of cheerful colors such as a dusty pink and bold red.

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The result manifested is flexible yet structured, and easily adapts to any device. It appears dynamic and cheerful without compromising the seriousness and professionalism of the company.

The interface of the website is simple and functional which makes visualization and navigation of numerous projects effortless. The case study pages are based on a variation of modules, which brings dynamism and flexibility.

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