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Visual identity, art direction, website
Neudoerfler Office Systems

Furniture company Neudoerfler provides Austrian customers with high quality workspace solutions since more than 70 years. Our mission was to make the core of a successful, but visually neglected brand visible and to present it in a new outfit.

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The Austrian office furniture company Neudoerfler is one of the oldest and most powerful players in the national sector. After a long overdue refreshment of its brand, a completely new visual identity was necessary to communicate the new brand values — close to the customers, outstanding service and smart innovation. 

A letter and a dot.
Fig 8.

The brand visual

Fig 9.

logo evolution

Fig 10.

Logo construction

Fig 11.

Fresh new colors.

Fig 12.

Baton Turbo


Neudoerfler delivers tools for people who love their work, enhancing their abilities for being active and productive. The office as space for personal development is the ideal base for a coherent brand direction. The identity puts working people and their individual needs in the center of attention.

<p>A fresh approach on posters about office furniture.</p>
Fig 13.

A fresh approach on posters about office furniture.

<p>The new print magazine</p>
Fig 14.

The new print magazine

Fig 15.
Fig 16.
<p>brand visual</p>
Fig 17.

brand visual

<p>Product flyer</p>
Fig 18.

Product flyer

Fig 19.
Fig 20.
»Creating a brand identity that is radically new and at the same time feels as familiar as a second skin: this is a supreme art. Bleed has reinvented our brand with incredible sensitivity and creativity. We are stronger than ever before.«
— Nicola Koessler, Head of Marketing at Neudoerfler
Fig 21.
<p>Business cards with shiny foil embossing.</p>
Fig 22.

Business cards with shiny foil embossing.

<p>Product illustrations</p>
Fig 23.

Product illustrations

<p>Technical specifications</p>
Fig 24.

Technical specifications

<p>Product branding: Toolbox</p>
Fig 25.

Product branding: Toolbox

<p>Workwear Branding</p>
Fig 26.

Workwear Branding

Fig 27.
MyMotion — Für alle anders.

MyMotion is the first product range by Neudoerfler which was fully communicated with the new visual identity. It represents everything the new branding stands for: being more relevant, more austrian, more young, more flexible.

Fig 28.

Video production by Wildruf

Product catalogues

The Neudoerfler catalogues use a modular color system and combine a look book with a product guide. For the MyMotion catalogue, we added a tech specs booklet with an elastic band, referencing the flexible straps of the range. The front cover contains an augmented reality feature for exploring the product in motion.

Fig 29.
<p>MyMotion catalogue — Natural paper, offset, blind embossing.</p>
Fig 30.

MyMotion catalogue — Natural paper, offset, blind embossing.

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Fig 32.
Fig 33.
Fig 34.
Fig 35.
Fig 36.


On the new website, we present Neudoerflers new and old products with a greater weight, and with greater pride. Breaking the traditional full-width image format gives you the opportunity to see and experience the products in a more active and inspiring way.

Fig 37.

Coding by Værsågod

Fig 38-42.

MyMotion Landing page

Fig 39-42.

Product article / footer

Fig 40-42.

Magazine article

Fig 41-42.

Product article with overview and color picker

Fig 42-42.

The new online magazine

Fig 43.
Fig 44.
Fig 45.
Fig 46.


The strong human-centered image concept and the overall brand evolution helped Neudoerfler to shift from a traditional company to a modern Austrian brand with a bright outlook for the future. The full website and magazine will be launched later in 2019.

<p>© all brand pictures by HEJM / @ all documentation pictures by Vilma Pflaum</p>
Fig 47.

© all brand pictures by HEJM / @ all documentation pictures by Vilma Pflaum


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