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»Though we keep coming up with surprising innovations, the original baker's craft remains our passion.«

— Philipp Ströck


Ströck is one of Austrias biggest and longest existing bakery brands. The bakery is a family business and runs over 70 shops in Vienna. High quality ingredients, handmade tradition, and a sustainable production process are Ströck's core values. The task was a brand refreshment without changing core elements such as the logo or the yellow brand color. In order to rejuvenate Ströcks identity, we developed a graphic system which was applied on a coherent packaging line and a vast amount of outtakes and point-of-sale-implementations.

Fig 1.
Fig 2.
<p>(Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)</p>
Fig 3.

(Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)


The final design concept is based on Ströck's outstandingly high expertise and curiosity in their ingredients, sustainable grain cultivation and biological agriculture — important factors that underline their pioneering role in the baking industry.

A series of a simple grain patterns illustrate the variety and quality of the organic ingredients.
Fig 4.

Rhye | Roggen

Fig 5.

Wheat | Weizen

Fig 6.

Oat | Hafer

Fig 7.

Buckwheat | Buchweizen

Fig 8.

Millet | Hirse

Fig 9.

Corn | Mais

Fig 10.

Sesame | Sesam

Fig 11.

Sunflower seeds | Sonnenblumenkerne

<p>The grain pattern becomes the main carrier of the identity.</p>
Fig 12.

The grain pattern becomes the main carrier of the identity.

Along with the patterns as main visual, various illustrations and details enrich the world of Ströck, making it accessable, friendly and more human.

Fig 13.
Fig 14.
<p>The making of »The Bagett« (Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)</p>
Fig 15.

The making of »The Bagett« (Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)

<p>Sketch for one of Ströcks signature products — the »Bagett«</p>
Fig 16.

Sketch for one of Ströcks signature products — the »Bagett«

Fig 17.
<p>Bread tag &amp; wrapping paper</p>
Fig 18.

Bread tag & wrapping paper

Fig 19.
<p>(Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)</p>
Fig 20.

(Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)

<p>Illustration sketches</p>
Fig 21.

Illustration sketches

Fig 22.
Fig 23.
Fig 24.

Menuecard — Silkscreen on linen hardcover

Fig 25.

The sweets & noon specials

Fig 26.

Breakfast & bread selection

Ströck Stories work on social media using charming and unique messages and illustrations.

<p>Ströck Story 1: The best french croissant in Vienna.</p>
Fig 27.

Ströck Story 1: The best french croissant in Vienna.

Fig 28.
Fig 29.
<p>Ströck Stories on social media</p>
Fig 30.

Ströck Stories on social media

Fig 31.
<p>The sweet side of life. (Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)</p>
Fig 32.

The sweet side of life. (Photo: © Lukas Lorenz)

<p>Signage &amp; information icons</p>
Fig 33.

Signage & information icons

Fig 34.


<p>Everyday special</p>
Fig 35.

Everyday special

<p>Bread tags printed on special certified paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled waste from corn and grains.</p>
Fig 36.

Bread tags printed on special certified paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled waste from corn and grains.

<p>Labels for fresh soups.</p>
Fig 37.

Labels for fresh soups.

<p>Baguette wrapping</p>
Fig 38.

Baguette wrapping


The refreshed brand elements allow Ströck to communicate more visibly on a wide range of channels. We equipped them with an elaborate set of tools which help to evolve their brand into the next generation. The visual identity now unites the love for handcraft with a fresh and friendly attitude and the innovative approach that Ströck is known for.

<p>Images: © Paul Bauer</p>
Fig 39.

Images: © Paul Bauer


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